Simple Yet Right Dog Grooming Tips


Most people think that it's expensive to groom one's dog. The truth is that it is possible to do cheap dog grooming. There are certain body areas of a dog that have to be focused on such as the nails, fur, teeth, and ears. Dog's fur requires regular shampooing and brushing. It's the same thing with their teeth; they have to be brushed and they have to undergo regular dental treatments. The nails can be handled by a set of clippers while the ears can be cleaned by earbuds and alcohol.



If you can do dog grooming on your own, you can save a lot of money. You can start from the fur; you can look for a gentle-formula shampoo that doesn't have to be costly. Dogs with long hair have to bathed every week while those with short ones can have it once a month. All you have to do is look for a gentle hairbrush that you can use to brush the dog's hair regularly following the direction it goes. For those that have short hair, you can leave a couple of days before brushing the hair.



Dogs in general love to have their hair brushed since it feels good. You can easily buy best electric clippers for dogs cheaply; hence it's not a problem to have their nails clipped every month. You have to remember that dogs like to feel clean and fresh just like humans. The funny way of showing their happiness is rolling in the dirt which is ridiculous for people. Don't forget to clean the teeth since gingivitis can also kill your dog over time when it's not addressed. 


Here are some tips that have to do with different aspects of grooming your dog:


For clipping your dog, you have to use clippers and not shears. Clippers will enable you to cu the hair to your preferred length since clippers come with snap-on attachments. You can also learn more about dog grooming by checking out the post at


You have to put the clipper's head flat on the dog's coat. You need to move the clipper towards the direction of the dog's hair grain. Do it lightly and avoid accidentally clipping the dog's skin. You have to be careful on the neck and facial areas of the dog. It's not good to use the best dog toenail clippers on the dog's anal muscles. Use scissors here and also in areas that are difficult to reach.



Grooming a dog needs dedication more than it needs a budget.